Pyramid Chosen One

16 Nov

Pyramid Chosen One NEW ITEM not sure if you notice I made the ball image HUGE and why that is what it looks like at entry in the pocket.

Many are called, few are chosen. Follow your destiny with the Pyramid Chosen One.

The Chosen One brings back a Pyramid staple, the SG 19.5 Asymmetric core from the Chosen Path line of bowling balls. This is a core that is known for its versatility, strength and power. This is a core that has been proven to work for bowlers of all styles and varying lane conditions.

To truly harness the power of the SG 19.5 Asymmetric core, we needed to introduce a new coverstock. After extensive testing, the result is the XF Gravitational Hybrid. Hybrids are the most versatile of all reactive coverstocks and the XF Gravitational fits perfectly with the SG 19.5 Asymmetric core.

The true beauty of this coverstock is how well it takes to surface changes. Out of the box (OOB) the Chosen One is finished with 2000-grit Abralon/Factory Polish for great length through the heads and controlled angularity on the backend. Change the surface to our "Earlier Roll/Even Arc" adjustment which leaves a heavier grit finish of 500/1000 Abralon and you've got a ball that handles the heaviest of oil.

Some things are meant to be. Heed the call with the Chosen One.

The Pyramid Chosen One NEW ITEM is currently selling for $129.99 and rates a 229.10 on the Perfect Scale®.


Pyramid Blueprint Pearl

16 Nov

Pyramid Blueprint Pearl Project 1.618 NEW ITEM if you need a ball that will give you room to come back from almost any part of the lane watch the video.
WOW get your new Pyramid Blueprint Pearl Project 1.618 NEW ITEM and show off your new area of the lanes.

Plan for success. The Pyramid Blueprint Pearl has the finishing touch.

The Pyramid Blueprint Pearl is the follow up to the highly successful Blueprint Solid. We took the proven SG 19.5 core from the original Blueprint and added it to the Blueprint Pearl. This core offers high flare for maximum performance on the backend of the lane.

We also used the GPS Navigational coverstock from the original Blueprint and pearlized it. The addition of the pearl additive gives the Blueprint Pearl increased length and energy retention. The Blueprint Pearl goes longer than the original, with a sharper and stronger backend reaction. This is perfect for when you move inside and need the ball to create enough angle to carry the corner pins.

The Pyramid Blueprint Pearl has been precisely designed to elevate your performance on the lanes.

The Pyramid Blueprint Pearl Project 1.618 NEW ITEM is currently selling for $114.99 and rates a 207.80 on the Perfect Scale®.


Pyramid Pathogen

16 Nov

Pyramid has another ball in there line for tough oil patterns. The color is amazing this ball will be your new ball when you need backend.

Pins should avoid direct contact. High scores are spreading rapidly due to the Pyramid Pathogen.

The newest addition to the Pyramid Advanced Performance (6) line is the Pathogen. We set out to design the perfect benchmark reaction which can survey the lane and allow you to find the proper angle to the pocket.

After testing, we determined that two of our staples were the best options to achieve the desired reaction. On the inside, the New Era 139 Symmetric Core from our Path Rising line allows the Pathogen to read all parts of the lane with consistency and predictability. We've paired this with the GPS Navigational Solid coverstock from the Blueprint, finished at 2000 grit with Factory Finish polish. The combination provides great length with a smooth and controllable reaction on Medium Oil. This combination is deadly.

The Pyramid Pathogen NEW ITEM is currently selling for $89.99 and rates a 197.20 on the Perfect Scale®.


Pyramid Path Rising Blue/Dark Blue

16 Nov

Another Rising that will help us all when the lanes break down. There are a lot of ways to drill to get that roll on the tough lanes. Now there are five colors to chose from.

The Path Rising... Entry Level Pricing With High Performance Pyramid technology.

With ever changing variables within the sport of bowling, (e.g., lane conditions, ball speed, rev rate) this technology allows any bowler, from stroker to two-handed, to achieve peak performance on medium to medium dry conditions.

Starting at the core of the ball, Pyramid Bowling wanted to offer a versatile ball motion in a lower price point to offer a good ball motion on a wide variety of lane conditions.

The New Era 139 core offers a wide variety of drilling options, whether you drill the ball to go long and hook hard or drill the ball strong roll and a strong backend, the combination of the New Era 139 core and the Path Reactive Pearl coverstock will give you a versatile ball motion for bowlers of all skill levels.

Out of the box (OOB) the Path Rising is finished off with 1500-grit Polished finish offering a cleaner look through the heads then the original with a sharper ball reaction down lane.

Exclusive - Available in 3 surface options...You Choose

  • OOB 1500/Polish

  • Earlier Roll 500/1000

  • Strong Roll 500/2000

Pyramid Bowling
“Choose Your Path”
USBC Approved 2015

The Pyramid Path Rising Blue/Dark Blue Pearl NEW ITEM is currently selling for $79.99 and rates a 181.3 on the Perfect Scale®.


Roto Grip Hectic

28 Oct

Roto Grip Hectic great new ball for Med-Dry lanes that tough pattern.

The pins are going to be stressed out big time when you throw the Roto Grip Hectic.

The Hectic uses the Late Roll 56 that was also used in the Devour. This symmetric core with its higher RG and medium differential, allows bowlers to get the ball through the heads with ease.

Pair the core with the new 50ML Pearl reactive coverstock, polished to 1500 grit, and you've got amazing length and a sharp breakpoint on medium-light oil conditions.

Slow ball speeds with love this ball because of its length. Crankers will love this ball on medium oil because they can move left and hit it. Everyone else will love the Hectic when the lanes start to break down. Cause a panic attack on the pin deck with the Hectic!

Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Hectic:

When needing to ball down to stay closer to the friction or needing that ball that will allow you to get inside and wheel it, the Hectic will provide just that. Some will select this ball as a “go to” ball while others will choose it from the start. High RG core, wrapped in a pearl cover = skid kick. Enjoy!

The Roto Grip Hectic is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Roto Grip Critical

27 Oct

Roto Grip Critical if you loved the Critical Theory get ready for the new version.

The Critical Theory was one of the most popular balls in Roto Grip history and it's back in a new form, the Roto Grip Critical bowling ball!

The Triliptic core that was made famous in the Theory line is back! This high flaring core provides a ball reaction that doesn't quit on the backend.

The new addition to the equation is the new 67MH Hybrid coverstock which is finished at 3000 grit with no polish, just like the Critical Theory. This new coverstock will mimic the strong, smooth roll on medium-heavy oil that the Critical Theory provided, only for today's conditions.
The Critical is the perfect combination of old and new which will deal a deadly accurate blow to the pins and the competition.

Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Critical:

Oh yes we did. Given the success and admiration of the Critical Theory from back in the day, it was time to bring back the part that provides constant motion no matter how it is drilled. Meaning this one is for anyone and everyone! Now of course today's materials are a little stronger than the past, but don’t worry you will still be in control.

The Roto Grip Critical is currently selling for $129.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Roto Grip Eternal Cell

27 Oct

Roto Grip Eternal Cell has the Eternal Cell features the greatest core in Roto Grip history.

Greatness is everlasting. Success is forever. Continue the tradition with the Roto Grip Eternal Cell bowling ball.

As with all of the previous Cell releases, the Eternal Cell features the greatest core in Roto Grip history, the Nucleus asymmetric core. This core is known for providing a unique reaction from an asymmetric in that it is extremely easy to read but still providing a great backend reaction expected from an asymmetric.

The new 72M coverstock was created just for this ball in order to provide maximum control. Going with a milder coverstock allows this to happen. With its 1500 grit polished finish, this is the first polished solid on an asymmetric ball from Roto Grip in quite some time.

This ball is best suited for medium conditions and provides a true benchmark reaction for Roto Grip. Paired with the Hyper Cell and Hyper Cell Skid, the Eternal Cell makes an amazing 1-2-3 punch!

Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Eternal Cell:

The 72M Solid reactive coverstock has been formulated to provide an even more stable reaction in the HP4 lineup of balls. Because sometimes strong is not always needed. We opted for control in a different form by taming down the shell just a pinch. You are welcome. This beauty is ideal for
those medium type conditions and will dominate friction quite well. Although if need be, this ball can be sanded to take on a lil slicker condition

The Roto Grip Eternal Cell is currently selling for $164.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Hammer Arson High Flare Solid

23 Oct

[ value="12418"/] has a smooth roll with a lot of rip in the backend.

Bring the Heat in a brand new way with the Hammer Arson High Flare Solid!

The Arson core has been a staple for Hammer with its quick-revving nature. The High flare modification gives this ball a spectacular take-off on the dry to bring a motion not yet seen in the Arson line.

Covered with the Carbon-Fiber infused outer core surrounded by the Max-Hook Solid coverstock, this ball will create a dramatic but consistent motion across the lane on medium oil. Finished to a 500/3000 Grit matte finish with a blue/yellow paint job, who wouldn't worry about catching heat from this ball?

Here's what Hammer has to say about the Arson High Flare Solid:

When you want strength and predictability, look no further than our Arson High Flare series. While the original High Flare shows it’s strength at the back end of the lane, our brand new Arson High Flare Solid is equally strong in the mid-lane but is as consistent as they come with its motion through the back end of the lane.

The Hammer Arson High Flare Solid is currently selling for $126.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Hammer Black Widow Limited

23 Oct

Hammer Black Widow Limited wow is this a cool looking ball. The Gas Mask Asymmetrical Core, enough said the best core hammer has ever made.

The Black Widow is America's ball, the latest version has America's colors. Strike fast because there's a reason it's called the Black Widow Limited!

The Black Widow Limited features the Gas Mask Asymmetrical Core, Hammer's most successful core of all-time, and featured in all Black Widow releases.

What makes this ball special is the new Semtex Pearl coverstock which has never been featured before. This cover matched with the Gas Mask Core offers bowlers a strong mid-lane with an aggressive backend reaction. The outer core is infused with Carbon Fiber to increase durability and longevity.

The Black Widow Limited will give bowlers a stronger reaction than the Black Widow Red Legend Pearl. As always, this ball features Hammer's industry leading 3 Year Warranty.

Here's what Hammer has to say about the Black Widow Limited:

The 1000 Abralon polished finish gives the Black Widow Limited the perfect amount of skid in the oil for explosive down-lane motion.

The Hammer Black Widow Limited is currently selling for $139.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Track Legion Solid

23 Oct

Track Legion Solid is the new Track in the Legion series. The solid gives you a smooth roll in the front.

The solidarity of the Legion is growing...with the Legion Solid, from Track.

Bringing the MR-6 Solid coverstock into the mix, finished to a matte 500/2000 Abralon, the Legion Solid will move easily through the heads and read more in the midlane than the Legion Hybrid.

The LT-2 Asymmetric core makes its triumphant return in the Legion Solid to deliver an angular backend that creates man entry angle optimized for pin carry.

The Black color scheme shows that this ball is nothing to play around with. Unite and conquer with the Track Legion Solid.

Here's what Track has to say about the Legion Solid:

Track fans around the world have gathered and united to form the "Legion". This diehard group of bowlers have been growing in numbers, waiting to unite as one to take over the bowling world. Track has now empowered its most loyal fan base with an additional weapon to conquer the lanes and their competition. Fear the Legion!

The Track Legion Solid is currently selling for $139.95 and rates a 208.2 on the Perfect Scale®.