Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom

27 Jun

Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom has the strongest coverstock in the Game breaker line.

Bring an advantage to the game that's out-of-this-world with the Game Breaker 2 Phenom.

The Enhanced V2 Core has been features on the Game Breaker series for its low RG/high Differential core that still retains a reliable ball motion.

The GB 11.2 Reactive coverstock finished to a 500/2000-grit mate finish gives this ball bite and a strong overall hook on medium to heavy oil conditions.

Here's what Ebonite has to say about the Game Breaker 2 Phenom:

With the Game Breaker 2 Phenom, we decided to take it up a notch and wrap the trusted Enhanced V2 core with the strongest coverstock the Game Breaker line has ever seen.

The Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom is currently selling for $114.95 and rates a 202.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Ebonite Warrior Supreme

27 Jun

Ebonite Warrior Supreme has a matte finish solid coverstock great ball for heavy oil.

Battle-tested and bowler approved. Victory is achieved with the Ebonite Warrior Supreme.

The Iron Fist core is Ebonite's strongest core to date, featuring an impressive 2.47 RG with a staggering 0.057 Differential that lets the ball read the mid-lane but lean its weight in on the pins in the backend.

Surrounded with the GB 13.3 Solid coverstock finished to a matte 500/3000 Abralon finish, this ball has plenty of power to slice through heavy oil while maintaining the strength to obliterate the pins on contact.

Here's what Ebonite has to say about the Warrior:
The GB 13.3 solid coverstock is the strongest coverstock in the Ebonite line and it is wrapped
around our strongest core, the Iron Fist. This combination creates unmatched ball motion that only the supreme can handle.

The Ebonite Warrior Supreme is currently selling for $154.95 and rates a 231.3 on the Perfect Scale®.


Columbia Sideswipe

27 Jun

Columbia 300 Sideswipe has a pearl coverstock this will give you control and predictable ball motion.

Make your opponents hit the pavement and keep going with the Columbia 300 Sideswipe.

The all-new Sideswipe core features a medium 2.50 RG with a medium-high 0.041 differential, which makes this core suitable for retaining energy while still being controllable and predictable through its motion.

Encased in the Bend-It Pearl Coverstock, this ball with go long and hit hard on medium oil. Finished to a mean 500/1000 Grit Abralon with Factory Finish Polish, the Sideswipe will work its way out of the corners.

Here's what Columbia has to say about the Sideswipe:

The ALL NEW Sideswipe core in our proven Bend-It Pearl coverstock gives the Columbia 300 Yellow Line Collection a ball with great length and a strong, but predictable backend motion.

The Columbia 300 Sideswipe is currently selling for $119.95 and rates a 199.5 on the Perfect Scale®.


Columbia Swerve GT

27 Jun

Columbia 300 Swerve GT has a matte finish Hybrid coverstock great ball for more overall hook.

Burn out the competition with the Columbia 300 Swerve GT.

Featuring HyperSHOCK technology which delivers maximum energy right where you want it, the Swerve GT continues the Swerve Line with the low RG/High differential Swerve core.

Covered with the Reflex Hybrid coverstock, the Swerve GT delivers motion between where the Swerve and Swerve FX left off. Finished with a Matte 500/2000 Abralon surface, the Swerve GT brings powerful overall hook to the game like never before.

Here's what Columbia 300 has to say about the Swerve GT

Our NEW Hybrid Reflex cover offers the best of both worlds with strong mid lane traction and down lane continuation.

The Columbia 300 Swerve GT is currently selling for $154.95 and rates a 226.8 on the Perfect Scale®.


Motiv Forza GT

25 Jun

Motiv Forza GT new release out 07/13/16 great new ball in the Forza line.

Featuring the Torx core and Helix Hybrid Reactive coverstock, get ready to power through the corners with the Forza GT.

The Torx core features a medium-RG, High Differential Symmetrical design that delays hook but comes crashing into the pocket. The high differential/medium RG allows it to rev easily to produce over 5" of track flare. Covered with the Helix Hybrid Reactive coverstock, this combination will dominate on a medium oil condition.

Here is what Motiv has to say about the Forza:

The Forza™ GT hybrid is the next step in the evolution of the MOTIV® product line.  Combining the control of the original Forza with the continuation and hitting power of a pearl, the Forza GT provides easy length with incredible consistency down lane.  This is a finely tuned piece of equipment!.

The Motiv Forza GT is currently selling for $134.52 and rates a 180.4 on the Perfect Scale®.


DV8 Freakshow

25 Jun

DV8 Freakshow new release from DV8 another great ball in the DV8 line.

Ball reaction so nasty you'll want to look away... but can't. DV8 Freakshow.

The new Freakshow features the new Freakshow Symmetric core which is high flaring and dynamic. This isn't something you always find in a mid performance ball.

The class 6V Pearl Reactive coverstock, highly polished at 500 Siaair, Royal Compound and Royal Shine, gives amazing length. This cover/finish combination paired with the core gives bowlers one of the most advanced ball reactions you'll ever find on medium-light oil. High performance ball reaction, just at a lower hook level.

The DV8 Freakshow is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 210.2 on the Perfect Scale®.


DV8 Deviant Pearl

25 Jun

DV8 Deviant Pearl great new ball for the new bowling season.

Break even more rules with the DV8 Deviant Pearl.

The Deviant Medium-RG Symmetric core, with its high-RG/high differential rating, is featured in the Deviant Pearl just like in the original. This core offers great length with a high flaring motion on the backend.

Paired with the new Composite Pearl coverstock
finished to a 500 Siaair/Royal Compound finish, you'll see amazing length and versatility on medium-light oil conditions.

Here's what DV8 has to say about the Deviant:

All Purpose with Backend Flip. Ideal for Medium to Light Oil.

The DV8 Deviant Pearl is currently selling for $124.95 and rates a 209.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


DV8 Vandal Smash

25 Jun

DV8 Vandal Smash new release 08/09/16 reads lane and will be easy to get to the pocket and strike.

Get ready to watch this ball break in hard and fast and cause lots of destruction. DV8 Vandal Smash.

The Vandal Smash uses the Vandal Asymmetric Core made famous in the original Vandal. The high differential creates maximum flare for a strong roll that reads all parts of the lane.

The Composite Solid coverstock, finished at 500/4000 Grit Siaair, gets through the heads cleanly, owns the midlane and finishes with an extremely strong but controllable backend reaction.

Here's what DV8 has to say about the Vandal Smash:

All Purpose with Backend Flip. Ideal for Medium to Heavy Oil.

The DV8 Vandal Smash is currently selling for $134.95 and rates a 215.2 on the Perfect Scale®.


Radical Ridiculous Pearl

24 Jun

Radical Ridiculous Pearl will give you that control in the front and strong flip in the backend.

The length and backend on this ball is just outrageous. The Radical Ridiculous Pearl.

The Symmetric with Scoop Technology core features a medium-RG/high
differential core that delivers ease through the heads and deliver and
absolutely crazy backend reaction.

The new addition to this core is a pearl coverstock, highly polished, for extra length and backend on medium-light oil conditions. The perfect complement to the Ridiculous Solid and Ridiculous Asym.

Here's what Radical has to say about the Ridiculous Pearl:

Again, we have taken the proven performance of the head turning Ridiculous and made it more aggressive at the breakpoint by adding our newest pearl cover formulation. With the new Ridiculous Pearl,
we have created the next level flip monster.

The Radical Ridiculous Pearl is currently selling for $139.95 and rates a 192.80 on the Perfect Scale®.


Radical Xeno

24 Jun

Radical Xeno new release from Radical great new ball for oil and tough sport shots.

The ball reaction you'll see with the Radical Xeno will be completely unfamiliar... in a good way.

Radical has a made a name for itself and a big part of that has been due to their Asymmetric core with Scoop Technology. This core is unbelievably strong and dynamic, providing supreme carry. Radical has added a new reactive resin coverstock formulation which is designed to provide a benchmark reaction with lots of continuation.

Here's what Radical has to say about the Primo:

Our ball testers have reported that the Xeno never over-read the dry and never over-skidded in the oil, something that is rarely achieved in today’s performance bowling balls. This combination of strong asymmetric core and unique coverstock formulation promises to be another perfect ball for the house conditions using medium to moderately heavy oil.

The Radical Xeno is currently selling for $129.95 and rates a 187.7 on the Perfect Scale®.