Storm IQ Tour 30

29 Sep

Storm IQ Tour 30 release date 11/24/2015.

Celebrate 30 Years of Bowling with Storm's IQ Tour 30!

The C3 Centripetal Control Core has been featured on dozens of Storm balls, making it a hallmark of the Master Line itself. The medium-RG, medium differential features make it an absolute staple for difficult lane conditions.

Wrapped around the R2S Pearl reactive resin coverstock that is featured on balls like the Hy-Road Pearl, IQ Tour Pearl, and many other balls that have made their way into the bags of Storm Bowlers everywhere, the IQ Tour 30 will be a welcome addition to any bag. The Black Pearl coloration finished to a 1500-grit polish will allow it to go through the heads easily and bring back the "Gold Ball" motion that thousands have appreciated from the PBA lanes to house patterns alike.

Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the IQ Tour 30:

Celebrating Storm’s 30th Anniversary in the bowling business, the new IQ Tour 30 is sure to be a hit for anyone who ever threw the Gold Ball, the IQ Tour Pearl. This special 30th ball is sure to go quickly, so don’t hesitate. Grab one today; it’s 30 years in the making!

The Storm IQ Tour 30 is currently selling for $154.95 and rates a 211.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Hammer Bad Intentions Hybrid

29 Sep

Hammer Bad Intentions Hybrid great ball for the tough lane conditions.

Same core, new cover, badder intentions with the Hammer Bad Intentions Hybrid.

The Bad Intentions Hybrid features the proven Spheroid Symmetric Core that has been featured in the Bad Ass and Bad Intentions Solid. This core with its Low RG/High Differential numbers provides a roll that reads all parts of the lane and provides maximum flare and hook potential.

Pair this with the new Juiced Extreme Hybrid Coverstock, finished at 500/3000 Abralon, which will give more length than the Bad Intentions Solid with a stronger backend reaction.

Here's what Hammer has to say about the Bad Intentions:

The overall strength rating of the Bad Intentions Hybrid is a perfect complement to the Bad Intentions. The NEW cover and finish changes allow this one to be more aggressive down lane! We’ve also gone extreme by adding our NEW Tough Tech, Carbon Fiber reinforcement to the coverstock making this truly the toughest ball we’ve ever made.

The Hammer Bad Intentions Hybrid is currently selling for $169.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Hammer Black Hammer Urethane

29 Sep

Hammer Black Hammer Urethane is BACK if you like the roll of the Urethane get back to the Hammer.

Show your competition that you put the hammer down even in the dry with the Black Hammer Urethane.

Ask anyone who bowled competitively in the late 80's/early 90's and they will tell you that the Black Hammer Urethane was THE ball. Hammer has set out to replicate this reaction for today's conditions

The Urethane cover is known for producing a smooth arcing motion on modern lanes when they're drying out. Take control of them with this classic urethane coverstock sanded to a gritty 500 Abralon finish, and of course present this in the meanest solid black package that shows you mean business.

Utilizing the all-new high-RG/low differential LED core, this ball produces a smooth arc from start to finish on the toughest of patterns. When your competition starts to sweat in the dry, put the hammer down.

Here's what Hammer has to say about the Black Hammer Urethane:

Our Urethane cover is the main ingredient in this masterpiece. Unlike modern covers that produce a violent reaction at the breakpoint, this proven staple is all about giving the user ultimate control of the entire lane.

The Hammer Black Hammer Urethane is currently selling for $126.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick Nirvana

10 Sep

Brunswick Nirvana is the new ball from Brunswick great ball for heavy oil.

Enlighten your game and transcend the competition with the Brunswick Nirvana!

The Nirvana Ultra Low RG core features a low RG/High Differential combination that delivers maximum hook. The rounded elliptical core optimizes ball motion and energy retention to the pins, maximizing pin action and higher scores with a high versatility of drilling options.

Covered with the all-new ECS (Enhanced Composite Segmentation) coverstock, this ball is perfect for heavy oil conditions since it is chemically engineered to increase friction while still maintaining a wide "sweet spot" for adjustments in-game. The coverstock is finished to a 500/1500 Siaair MicroPad sanded finish for optimal bite with a red/blue/violet solid coloration.

Get ready to be one with the lanes with the Nirvana.

Here's what Brunswick has to say about the Nirvana:

The red/blue/violet Nirvana features the ECS solid coverstock matched with the new Ultra Low
RG Nirvana Core to produce exceptional traction and impressive backend reaction on medium
to heavy oil lane conditions. Bowlers are going to see something very special with the Nirvana
especially on heavy oil lane conditions.

The Brunswick Nirvana is currently selling for $159.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Motiv Revolt Havoc

10 Sep

Motiv Revolt Havoc is great ball for heavy oil with the matte finish.

Cause some damage with the Motiv Revolt Havoc bowling ball!

The Revolt Havoc follows in the footsteps of previous Revolt line balls, the Covert and Vengeance. The Havoc is the perfect complement to these bowling balls because it digs in on medium-heavy oil and takes a stand.

The new Helix HFS Solid Reactive Coverstock, finished at 3000 Grit LSS reads the lane early for when there's a good amount of oil on the lane. Pair that with the proven Vanquish core and you've got a ball that reads the entire lane. It's extremely difficult to find a ball that hooks early but still provides pop at the pin deck... continuation. The Revolt Havoc does just that!

Here's what Motiv has to say about the Revolt Havoc:

Because the Revolt Havoc is incredibly strong, it is an obvious fit for speed dominant and low rev players. And because it has the unique ability to still provide tremendous continuation, the ball is also a versatile weapon for competitive bowlers that have higher rev rates. While these players typically experience a weak finish from strong equipment, they will experience outstanding continuation from the Revolt Havoc on higher volume patterns.

The Motiv Revolt Havoc is currently selling for $146.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Columbia 300 Swerve

21 Aug

Columbia 300 Swerve has energy enhancement material which is entwined in the coverstock. Finished at 500/1000/2000 Abralon, you’ve got strong and smooth traction on the lane.

The Columbia 300 Swerve bowling ball - Push your hook into the red.

How the ball goes through the pins matters. That's why Columbia 300 has created HyperSHOCK Technology, an energy enhancement material which is entwined in the coverstock. Finished at 500/1000/2000 Abralon, you've got strong and smooth traction on the lane.

Pair this new coverstock technology with the Swerve core which features a Low RG, Medium-High Differential and a low Mass Bias Differential. You've got a ball that is easy to drill, easy to throw, easy to read and easy to strike!

Here's what Columbia 300 has to say about the Swerve:

The HyperSHOCK viscoelastic material works to control the influence pins have on the balls motion through the pin deck. The Swerve, with HyperSHOCK Technology, not only gets you to the pocket, but drives through the pins like no other bowling ball on the planet.

The Columbia 300 Swerve is currently selling for $154.95 and rates a 230.2 on the Perfect Scale®.


Storm Lock

17 Aug

Storm Lock release date 10/06/2015 the ball for heavy oil from Storm.

Secure your win with the Storm Lock!

The RAD-X Core features the Radial Accelerating Disk design which delivers an incredibly low RG with a massive differential and Mass Bias differential - delivering massive hook potential from the inside out!

Combined with the GI-15 Hybrid Reactive coverstock, this ball delivers a delayed hook with an absolutely obliterating backend. Finished to a 3000-Grit Abralon factory finish, this ball has teeth.

Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Lock:

To help create the perfect breakpoint, we engineered a new weight block shape and surrounded it with a nearly-lethal coverstock. Remember that the weight block is considered to be the engine of the bowling ball. This new asymmetrical RAD-X Core is built on the same platform which powered other RAD (Radial Accelerating Disk) designs throughout Storm’s rich history. Its dynamic design with super-dense materials produces superior hook and ball motion. You can really see it rev up!

The Storm Lock is currently selling for $169.95 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Storm Joy Ride

17 Aug

Storm Joy Ride is your new ball for dry lanes.

Keep it cruising with the Joy Ride!

The Reactor Pearl has been used on many balls in the Tropical line to deliver a clean shot through the heads on drier conditions. This ball is no different from that tradition as it uses the same coverstock, polished to 1500-grit for a smooth clearance through the first 15 feet of the lane. With a Platinum/Bronze coloration the ball is simply eye-catching.

At its heart is the Cruiser Core which delivers a high-RG, medium differential core dynamic that brings the motion a step above the Tropical Line. It won't bite into the oil like other balls but it will deliver a consistent backend for drier conditions.

Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Joy Ride:

The Joy Ride features a lower friction, highly polished pearl Reactor material which limits traction between the ball and the lane, perfect for those looking to conquer even the most hooking conditions. And the new Cruiser core produces a modest amount of flare potential to help control your ball path as well. They work hand in hand to help ensure that the Joy Ride gives you the smoothest ride possible down the lane.

The Storm Joy Ride is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 173.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Motiv Forza Redline

01 Jul

Motiv Forza Redline has the new Helix Pearl Reactive coverstock this will give you length and control in the backend.

Performance taken to the maximum limit. The Motiv Forza Redline bowling ball.

The Forza Redline is the new benchmark reaction for Motiv. A benchmark ball is one designed for medium oil which is intended to allow you to make adjustments more easily. You want a ball that is in the middle as far as overall hook, overall length and you want a smooth backend reaction

The new Helix Pearl Reactive coverstock finished at 5000 Grit LSP (Laser Scan Polished) gives the perfect amount of length. The proven Torx inner core with its 2.50 RG and 0.051 Differential offers just enough strength with high flare and control.

All of these factors give you a ball that will easily allow you to tell if you need a ball with more or less hook, more or less length and more or less angle on the backend. Put the pedal to the metal!

Here is what Motiv has to say about the Forza Redline:

Push the limit with the exotic Forza Redline. Engineered for medium oil, it is the ultimate machine for benchmark performance. It provides more length than the solid Forza, yet is still offers more control than the Octane.

The Motiv Forza Redline is currently selling for $124.95 and rates a 175.9 on the Perfect Scale®.


Roto Grip Devour

01 Jul

Roto Grip Devour is a great price a lot of ball for the money.

Hunger for Medium-Heavy Lanes. Starve the competition with the Roto Grip Devour.

The Late Roll 56 pushes the ball down the lane with its high RG/medium differential to push it easily through the heads with a nice backend motion at the breakpoint.

The 54MH Solid Reactive coverstock with a 3000-grit pad sanded finish gives it the ability to bite into medium-heavy oil and give you the edge you need over the competition.

Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Devour:

Competition? I don’t see any competition. Just a helpless victim of my hunger for domination. My all-new Late Roll 56 core drives my desire for conquest and my 54MH solid reactive cover eats through oil on my way to victory. This appetite can’t be subdued. This need must be fed.

The Roto Grip Devour is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 176.8 on the Perfect Scale®.