Storm Ride

31 Mar

The Storm Ride is the ball for drier lanes and bowlers with slower ball speed.

Take your competition for a ride with the Storm Ride - the newest addition to the Hot Line.

The Reactor Hybrid has been used on many balls in the Tropical line to deliver a clean shot through the heads on drier conditions. This ball is no different from that tradition as it uses the same coverstock, polished to 1500-grit for a smooth clearance through the first 15 feet of the lane. With a Scarlet Red/Platinum Pearl coloration the ball is simply eye-catching.

At its heart is the Cruiser Core which delivers a high-RG, medium differential core dynamic that brings the motion a step above the Tropical Line. It won't bite into the oil like other balls but it will deliver a consistent backend for drier conditions. Even when the road gets rough the Ride comes through just fine

Here's what Storm has to say about the Ride:

The new Ride is designed for drier lanes, and Storm incorporates both new and proven technology in this gem. For the cover, we chose the smooth and highly polished hybrid Reactor™ material which refuses to acknowledge friction in the heads, the first 15 feet of the lane. And the new Cruiser™ core produces a modest amount of flare potential to help control your ball path as well. The Ride is consistent, reliable, and predictable, just what you need when you want a powerful hitting ball but one that doesn’t ‘bounce off the dry!’

The Storm Ride is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a TBD on the Perfect Scale®.


Motiv Venom Panic

31 Mar

The new Motiv Venom Panic is a great ball for tough oil patterns very smooth with control in the backend.

We've had the Strike, the Toxin entered, the Shock set it's time for the Motiv Venom Panic.

The Gear core features a low-RG/medium Differential for earlier revs with energy retention and continuation through the pins. This core has been a staple for all Venom balls.

The new Turmoil MFP Pearl Reactive coverstock gives a delayed hook with an angular backend that will send your competition into a panic. Finished to a 5000-Grit Laser Scan Polish with a red pearl coloration, and there's no question that this ball is lethal to the pins.

Here's what Motiv has to say about the Venom Panic:

For the average bowler, the Venom Panic will provide excellent length and a strong backend with a smoother transition. High rev bowlers, in particular, will appreciate that smoother transition since some angular equipment can be too jumpy. Tournament bowlers will like the Venom Panic for the same reason, but also because it retains so much energy for proper continuation. It simply gets through the pins the right way on light to medium oil shots.

The Motiv Venom Panic is currently selling for $113.95 and rates a 198.5 on the Perfect Scale®.


Motiv Graffiti Tag

31 Mar

Great ball for drier lanes with a strong angular move.

Leave your mark with the Graffiti Tag, only from Motiv.

The new Agility MXR coverstock delivers a late hook on light oil, so when the lanes burn up you don't have to. "Play in the burn" but keep cool, finished to a 5500 Grit LSP factory finish, with a coloration of a mean green and black cover.

The core is the Halogen Symmetric, which features a high-RG/Medium Differential that keeps the ball going long for a fantastic transition on the backend.

Here's what Motiv has to say about the Graffiti Tag:

League bowlers that are rev dominant will appreciate the energy retention provided by the new Agility™ MXR shell. Tournament bowlers have been waiting for a piece like this from MOTIV. The Graffiti Tag will allow them to play in the burn and bounce off a dry spot deep at the backend of the lane.

The Motiv Graffiti Tag is currently selling for $113.95 and rates a 186.8 on the Perfect Scale®.


Pyramid Divergent Path Pearl

18 Mar

Pyramid Divergent Path Pearl is the new release from Pyramid this Divergent is pearl the roll in the front is longer and saves energy for the move in the backend. If you want a ball for most house patterns and the shot that you need backend get your Pyramid Divergent Path Pearl today.

Long and Strong or Skid/Flip - this is the reaction that most bowlers are seeking today. In more technical terms, they're looking to increase angle into the pocket. The Divergent Path Pearl creates angles that were once thought unachievable.

The Divergent Pearl uses the advanced SG 19.5 Dual Density Asymmetric core that was featured in the original Divergent Path Solid. This Low RG/Medium Differential core has made believers of the bowling world due to its overall strength and versatility.

Surrounding the core is the new GPS Navigational ATX Pearl coverstock, which comes out of the box (OOB) with a 2000 Grit Abralon/Factory Polished finish, giving added length and energy retention.

This cover/core combination offers bowlers exactly the long and strong ball reaction they desire. The Divergent Path Pearl glides through the heads and finishes with a devastating angular backend reaction. Massive hook for when you need to play angles you never thought you could.

Now there's more than one way to throw a strike with the Divergent Path Pearl. See things from a different angle.

Pyramid technology is the culmination of years of core and coverstock analysis, research, and observation. With ever changing variables within the sport of bowling, (e.g., lane conditions, ball speed, rev rate) this technology allows any bowler, from stroker to two-handed, to achieve peak performance on medium to heavy oil conditions.

The Pyramid Divergent Path Pearl is currently selling for $139.99 and rates a 231.20 on the Perfect Scale®.


Pyramid Dark Path 19.5

18 Mar

Pyramid Dark Path 19.5 Hybrid is the new release this one is a strong hybrid with all the moves you will need. The one that I drilled is pin up with the cg kicked out 1/4 from center of grip. The ball motion is easy to control it is one of those balls that you can take hand out of it and it still hits like a ton of bricks.

Pyramid Dark Path 19.5. Find Your Dark Side.
The Dark Path 19.5 is the first ever symmetrical hybrid from Pyramid Bowling. Following the success of the original Dark Path, Pyramid marries the same hybrid coverstock in its first symmetrical hybrid. The GPS Navigational Hybrid Coverstock has proven to be incredibly versatile with great traction through medium-heavy oil conditions. Finishing at 2000 Grit Abralon with no polish provides for maximum predictability.

When it came to finding the perfect core to pair with this coverstock, Pyramid tested everything from newer, unreleased designs to already-proven Pyramid cores. Ultimately, the combination of the GPS Navigational Hybrid Coverstock and the SG 19.5 Symmetric core which is featured in the Pyramid Blueprint was the perfect marriage. This Medium RG/High Differential core allows the ball to read all parts of the lane while providing a strong but predictable hook.

When you encounter difficult lane conditions, you need a ball that will react the same each and every shot. That's exactly what you'll get with the Dark Path 19.5. This may be the most versatile ball in Pyramid Bowling history.

Pyramid technology is the culmination of years of core and coverstock analysis, research, and observation. With ever changing variables within the sport of bowling, (e.g., lane conditions, ball speed, rev rate) this technology allows any bowler, from stroker to two-handed, to achieve peak performance on medium to heavy oil conditions.

The Pyramid Dark Path 19.5 Hybrid is currently selling for $114.99 and rates a 202.90 on the Perfect Scale®.


Storm Crux Pearl

18 Mar

Storm Crux Pearl new release from Storm well if you need a new strong ball this is the one. The ball motion is smooth through the front and a awesome move in the backend.

The innovatively engineered Catalyst Core is back -- this time in the Crux Pearl, the newest addition to Storm's Premier Line.

The Catalyst Core is designed in shape for consistency - even when your release isn't. It's a medium-RG/High Differential core made from the ground-up to deliver a consistent motion on the lane not possible with more conventional core shapes (this is due to the divot that is perpendicular that minimizes the amount of core that can be removed during the drilling process).

Combine this with the ERG Pearl Reactive (featured on the Byte and Lucid, both widely-acclaimed balls in the Premier line) that delivers more length but still grabs on the backend for a devastatingly angular pin action. Finish this to a 1500-grit polished surface, this black/white/copper monster will give you that "snap" when the lanes break down, all with the crisp scent of Root Beer.

The Pinnacle of your game is at the Crux.

Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Crux Pearl:

Perfect for uncompromising skid/flip performance on fresh lane conditions, the Crux Pearl easily clears the midlane and widens the pocket as the Catalyst Core builds momentum for a devastating charge at the backend.

The Storm Crux Pearl is currently selling for $164.95 and rates a 230.40 on the Perfect Scale®.


Storm Rocket

18 Mar

Storm Rocket is the new ball from Storm for that tough shot that you need length and backend.

Using the R2S Hybrid made famous on the Hy-Road with an all-new Booster Core, the Storm Rocket is ready for Liftoff in the Thunder Line!

The R2S Hybrid coverstock is a crowd-pleaser. It's been in the Thunder line for over half a decade because it's tried and true. It reads the midlane on medium oil conditions so consistently that it's been a staple for when you need a sure bet to get you down-lane to great scores. It's back, but this time with an Orange/Black Pearl coloration finished with 1500-grit polish for added length.

The heart of this rocket is the all-new Booster Core, which features a medium-RG and medium RG Differential, which means this ball will read the midlane and make a fantastic move on the backend that's neither exaggerated nor understated. It's what the Thunder Line is known for - and this ball will deliver.

Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Rocket:

Perfect as a primary ball or as a step-down from our Premier or Master lines once the lanes begin to transition, no bag is complete without a Rocket™.

The Storm Rocket is currently selling for $124.95 and rates a 198.90 on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick Mastermind Scholar

18 Mar

Brunswick Mastermind Scholar is the new pearl in the mastermind series. The roll in the backend is awesome this will be your new ball for house shots.

Brains and Brawn. The Brunswick Mastermind Scholar.

The Mastermind Ultra Low RG core has been featured on every Mastermind ball to come out. Ready for a breakneck angular motion? This core will make it happen with its Low RG/High Diff/High Mass Bias rating.

Wrap this powerhouse with the all-new Honor Roll A+ Pearl Coverstock, and you have the potential for hitting the breakpoint and turning on a dime, creating that skid/flip we've all been craving. Throw in some Blue, Silver, and Gold Pearl coloring and you have the best-looking ball to take a corner like it owns the whole center.

Top of its class, first on your list. The Brunswick Mastermind Scholar.

Here's what Brunswick has to say about the Mastermind Scholar:

The blue/silver/gold Mastermind Scholar offers easy length with supreme traction on the backend to achieve ultimate flip. The Mastermind Scholar combines the Honor Roll A+ Pearl reactive coverstock and the Mastermind Ultra Low RG core to produce improved angular velocity that transfers more energy to the pins for increased pin action and higher scores.

The Brunswick Mastermind Scholar is currently selling for $134.95 and rates a 231.1 on the Perfect Scale®.


Brunswick Gold Rhino

17 Mar

Brunswick has done it again it’s back Brunswick Vintage Gold Rhino Pro yes it is hard to understand.
But we again can roll the new version live is good.

Throwback to Greatness. The Brunswick Vintage Gold Rhino Pro.

The High Differential Vintage Core gets its inspiration from the old school tall and smooth cylinder design for weight blocks. This core adds length and versatility. in its motion.

Wrapped in the Fortify Pearl Reactive Coverstock, the Rhino Pro Gold provides easy length and quick lateral traction.

The is one of the best looking bowling balls you'll ever see go down the lane, just like the original version. Some things never get old, striking and great looks!

Here's what Brunswick has to say about the Vintage Gold Rhino Pro:

The Vintage Gold Rhino Pro offers tremendous shelf appeal and expands the range of ball motion in our Vintage series by delivering stronger hook motion with outstanding backend reaction. The Vintage Gold Rhino Pro combines a higher differential version of our Vintage symmetric core with Fortify Pearl reactive coverstock to produce impressive versatility on a variety of lane conditions.

The Brunswick Vintage Gold Rhino Pro is currently selling for $109.95 and rates a 170.8 on the Perfect Scale®.


Hammer Bad Intentions

17 Mar

The new Hammer Bad Intentions is the new monster on that heavy oil pattern and you need roll in the front get you Hammer Bad Intentions in line.

Sometimes the road to Victory is paved with...the Hammer Bad Intentions.

Bringing back the Spheroid Core featuring the low RG/high differential symmetrical core from the Bad Ass, the Bad Intentions digs in and keeps going to the end with a strong, continuous backend.

Coupled with the Juiced Xtreme coverstock finished to a 500/2000 Abralon Finish, this ball is grittier and meaner than its Bad Ass counterpart. The coverstock sports the black solid finish with attention-grabbing yellow markings that make sure everyone knows your intentions, no matter how bad.

This ball is designed to take symmetrical core designs to the edge, and puts them in the Xtreme with its aggressive coverstock. This ball is Hammer tough with its best-in-industry 3-Year Warranty and carbon-fiber outer core.

Here's what Hammer has to say about the Bad Intentions:

For those not easily offended and who want to play a little mischievously, Hammer has a grittier, bigger
hooking ball for you than the Bad Ass. We call it Bad Intentions. The Bad Intentions features the same symmetric Spheroid core shape, but uses a grittier, more aggressive cover: Juiced Xtreme.

The Hammer Bad Intentions is currently selling for $164.95 and rates a 231.8 on the Perfect Scale®.